Eat Well & Get Plenty of Rest

Thank you Harlon for sharing your struggle with us. I know you are strong enough to do anything!

A Patient Voice

At times, in these times, I can feel overwhelmed.  The last few months have been loss and illness and the next few months are change.

When I moved to the family house to be with my Mom, I was clear to myself that this was a chapter in my life.  Things weren’t working out well for me in the city, so home is always a safe place to go, it always has been.  I figured my Mother could use companionship (as would I) and I knew she would eventually need care (as would I).  I knew the narrative and I knew how that chapter would end, and it did.

Now a new chapter begins.  This chapter is about a new beginning, about exploring my passions and creating my “next”. It’s about my new life.

It just didn’t start the way I would have liked it.  I am going into this…

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