Daniel shares an update which includes good news for Alexandra. Thank you as always my friend.

Return of Dragons

“The writer’s silent mind is a period of intermission before orchestrating a symphony of words.” ― Khaled Talib, The Little Book of Muses

Faith TOC b
It seems at times that I’ve kept you waiting far too long. The seasons sail by and leave the hints of their passing and invariably disguise your patience in a kind of artful repose, a detritus of settled time.

My neurology, a hasty concoction of clusterfucked dendrites finds something sublime in your silence and I find myself staring off into space and only when I realize the object of my gaze is you do I realize how my failure to be productive has led to a mental sleepiness I can’t say that I abhor. Forgive me – my silence.

I’m reminded of a time when I was busy falling in love again – it was a long time ago. The object of my passions, a sweet child of…

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