Hanging on by a Thread

Army of Angels: Part 2

I have been thinking a lot lately, about moving Brother to an online school. This school year started on August 1st, and it has been full of conflict. He was more often than not, in a panic at the front door in the morning, so we devised a plan to drop him off in the back. Then, he was not able to get up and dressed to leave the house. We adjusted our night routine and sedating medications, but the issue still lingers.

Most mornings, I load all of Brother’s school items and clothes, into the car. I then physically move him out of his bed and help him stand up. He is usually up before this time, eating breakfast. He goes in and out of states of dissociation in the mornings. Once he gets to school, two or more adults meet us at the back door. One of them…

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  1. This has to be really hard. I’m sorry and I hope you get the information and support you need. One small idea I can share is I know two homeschool students. They both have different social activities included in their day and I wonder if that would address your concern about your son becoming more withdrawn? One of the students is in a homeschool group and they go on regular field trips together and do some group activities. The other does some activities and takes on some responsibilities with her mom’s business, both of which involve interacting with the adults there. The common factors are interactions and safer environments. There can even be more customized ways of going about that that are better for you and your son. I wish you guys the best.


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