What are the joys of a long weekend?


happy-long-weekendGood morning y’all! I hope you have had a delightful week and you are looking forward not to the typical weekend, but a LONG weekend! Even though I personally do not have any extravagant plans for my three-day weekend, I am so happy to have one! Between dealing with my typical MS pain, daily to-do’s and horrible negativity at work, my week has been extremely long and aggravating! I am thrilled to have three days away from work!

What do you look forward to when you have a long weekend? I know this will sound crazy and very simple, but I look forward to not having a schedule to follow! I do not have to get up at a certain time, be on the drive to work by a specific time, perform the same tasks during work hours, be in bed by a certain time to get a decent amount…

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  1. It can be so stressful dealing with negativity in the workplace. My mom advised me to visualize the stress person with light and live all around them. A therapist once told me about visualizing a protective barrier around myself. It is true that all we can control is our own responses to the world and situations. It helps me just to refocus on something that matters, and put my energy into accomplishing things that are clearly defined.
    I am looking forward to the beginning of birthday month shopping with my soon to be 10 year old!

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