The life-and-death talk we all need to have

Looking For The Light

Knowing my grandparents wanted to die at home was the easiest part of caring for them. The conversation was a common in my gramps family partly because of time the period, the late 1800’s early 1900’s and money.

I now understand the difficulty of making decisions as a caregiver, it’s the decisions on the fly you can’t prepare for. Heartbreaking and so personal but they have to be made, sometimes everyday.

“gramps why give granny her medicine, we know she’s dying, it’s causing her more discomfort swallowing them.”

“gramps you can’t leave the house anymore, granny thinks you left her at someone’s house. She starts hitting her head on wall and wants to die, I can’t manage her anymore.”

“gramps don’t you think it’s time to make calls to give people a chance to see you.”

Caring for my grandparents taught me what I was made of and how strong…

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