7 Ways to Cope with Anxiety about Your Teen

Looking For The Light

How parents of teenagers can manage their fears.

All parents worry about their children’s well-being at any age, but the issues to worry about mount when children hit the teen years. I am often asked by parents of one child about how to deal with the anxiety they feel. With one child the focus can be more intense, however a parent’s anxiety, upset, or despair when something goes amiss is the same no matter how many children there are in the family.

Parental anxiety is readily absorbed by children and not helpful as teenagers navigate their more complex world—facing more temptations and risks then they did as young children.

I asked my colleague, Dr. Alice Boyes, author of The Anxiety Toolkit, to recommend ways that all parents can tamp down the anxiety they feel as their kids enter the teen years.

7 Ways to Cope with…

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