Psychiatric Hospital Stay 2001 *Final*

Looking For The Light

Journal 12/23/2001

Just to go home and spend time with my pets will make a big difference in mood. I look forward to seeing Christmas Cards and learning how friends are doing. The stack of mail will cover the dining table. Plenty of new magazines to read going into new year. 

After ECT on Friday I’m determined to go home, he can’t intimidate me. This feels like jail at times but I’m free to walk when ready. I did say future ECT would be out-patient, that was a bold face lie. I’m never stepping foot in here again. 

This is the slowest week, counting the minutes to jail break. Only one book left to read, I’ll have to sleep half a day tomorrow. What is shipping from eBay? I went on big shopping spree before check in, it made me feel better. That’s not true, still trying to fill the big…

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  1. It is so true. You usually can’t choose your hospital when you really need it. Which allows the hospitals to get away with far too much. As long, of course, as they are making money. Lots of money.
    This makes me sad. Then. Now. Always.
    Shame on them. They are supposed to have a higher calling.

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