Know *DEA* Drug Schedule For Your Prescriptions

A must read if you take Controlled Substances!

Looking For The Light

The information is from the DEA.GOV website. It’s important to know the Schedule of the prescriptions you take, they may have Government regulations. According to CVS all Class II prescriptions are kept in a safe and only the pharmacist can open. Did you know the local pharmacy reports usage to DEA if your “RANDOM” name shows up on monthly list. It’s interesting how many “RANDOM” times my name came up.

Why do I know this information? From hours of conversations with the CVS Pharmacist. Why? Why? Why? Why? Who? Who? Reported? Reported? According to CVS Pharmacist they are under a microscope, having to account for each pill, which patient picked up and on what day. This is only for Scheduled prescriptions.  

I take drugs in Schedule II and III, rules changes are most often  made by DEA. Shop at CVS you may find Caremark (corporate) adds their rules on top of, the…

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