“Nothin’s gonna be the same.”

Art by Rob Goldstein

At 8:45 AM I was in class to help my teacher get the classroom ready
for the day; I was seven and it was my turn to help with morning chores.

My teacher was in a dither because ‘colored kids’ were coming to school
that day.

Mrs. Sullivan furiously scrubbed the blackboard and muttered under her
breath about ‘niggers’.

I’d never seen any colored kids but heard lots of them lived in

Mrs. Sullivan and I opened the windows so we could clap chalk out the
erasers when through a haze of white dust we saw the first colored kids
arrive at my school.

I smiled and raised my hand to wave but Mrs. Sullivan grabbed my wrist.

Below us, a crowd of white parents formed a barricade with their
kids in front of the entrance; all of them had stones.

The black kids looked scared and paused on…

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  1. This sounds so much like stories my parents shared with me. They made sure that I understood and appreciated that it is what is inside that matters. I am a fan of diversity, and have chosen to work in schools that support diverse populations. It is so rewarding to see the change in the world…starting with the children.

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    • The most frustrating thing about 2018 is Americans have even less justification for catering to white supremacy than we did in the 1960’s. One can ‘almost’ excuse the cultural racism and homophobia of the mid 20th Century as part of the process of social evolution. The racism of was a function of an ignorance, that Americans outgrew. Today’s racism is regressive self-indulgence. Everyone knows it’s wrong. Everyone knows it’s inexcusable and history will treat everyone who enables it with scorn.

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