Getting Flocked!

Army of Angels: Part 2

Our local domestic violence center has been planting flocks of pink flamingos all over town to raise awareness. There are different size flocks for different monetary donations. Tonight, the AoA girls and I went to the town square for the monthly “First Friday” event, and it was really nice to see two locations hosting flamingo flocks!

Our town square has been revitalized, and is becoming well known as a place for all types of artists and musicians. We have high class junk stores on the square, as well as some quaint restaurants. Entrepreneurs are buying the old buildings, and putting new life into them. It is truly a beautiful transformation to witness!


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I do think it is extremely important to raise awareness about domestic violence because it happens to so many! When I was younger my mother was with a very evil and violent man! He was abusive to both of us but we stayed with him for 10 VERY long years. This will sound horrible, but he died in a motor cycle accident because he was drunk again! I know he was with another woman that had a young girl and I really hope he did not do to her what he did to me because I will feel terrible that I did not have the courage to continue with pressing charges.

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    • Thank you for sharing❤️ Raising awareness is so important! You couldn’t have protected others from your step-father…chances are, even if you had spoken up, he would still have had the freedom to hurt others at some time. It is a very sad cycle… The county where I live was second in our state in domestic violence incidents, and it’s not all that big! I sought refuge and help there when I left my abusive relationship, and they were just Angels. The little things they did, helped me to get back on my feet and feel worthy of love. I now try to give back, and spread the message that even the smallest act of kindness may mean a big difference to someone! Did you and your mom have to seek help, or was his accident the end of the relationship?

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      • I try not to refer to that man as my step-father because they were not married and he was horrible. I often think if I had the strength to go to court and face him, he would have been in jail not harming others, but who knows?! My mother never got any help, we just left him. His accident happened after we left him. I hate to sound mean, but it could not have been painful enough for someone like him.

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