Psychiatric Hospital Stay 2001 Part Two

Part Two of my stay in Mental Hospital in 2001. I’m glad to answer questions.

Looking For The Light

Journal Entries

I can only have visitors from 7-8 pm and no way Gramps can drive that late. My brother and fiancé brought my grandparents one night. I was thrilled until the goodies they brought were taken away. Fuming, I almost checked out. 

I have to share a room, the worst is we don’t have a bathroom in here. I feel so much anger, violated, isolated and lonely. 

In the Recreation Hall has one television with a bad angle housed in plastic. Most of the over medicated blankly stare at whatever is on. 

I see the doctor in the morning which means ECT will not start until Wednesday. The lab work and test were fine, I have no idea what day my first ETC is on. If I keep to my plan, the delays have me staying till January 1st. He gave me the AA lecture and…

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