The Agony of Ecstasy_Scene 10

WOW! The chapter you’ve been waiting for. Enjoy. Thank you Daniel for sharing with us. M

Return of Dragons

“We all carry, inside us, people who came before us.” ― Liam Callanan, The Cloud Atlas

AofE 10

Alexandra Drăgana

Scene 10

Alexandra studied Cezar in muted admiration. His hair and beard were immaculately trimmed and lay in obedient waves on his tanned face and noble head. He wore a formal black uniform fashioned to fit his physique. The jacket covered a starched white shirt and shiny black bowtie. His proud chest was a garden of colorful medals, ribbons, sashes, golden colored cords, and adorned epaulets. The handsome Viscount and the dual wolves on the coat of arms electrified Alexandra. The wolves, she thought. Our connection is the wolves but what do they mean? She had only questions and no answers.

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