The To Do List

Chronic Pain with a Higher Perspective

Through tears after dinner last night, I told my hubby that I finished everything on my to-do list. I was so happy that I had finally done that one more time.

It had been years since I crossed off everything on my daily list of things to get done. Chronic pain had changed every aspect of my life.

Once upon a time, completing daily tasks was something I was proud of doing every day. They were always long lists, and I believed that meant I was having a successful day, that I was a successful person who was not lazy or unorganized.

Whether it was at work or home, it suggested the day had gone smoothly, and I could be proud. The checked boxes indicated I had been prepared for every snag or dealt with them efficiently.

But tonight, I am in severe pain. I was so excited that I…

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  1. Good luck on your support group! I too, love the to do lists. These days, the incomplete tasks just get moved to another day…sometimes I list the things by priority…that way, even if fewer things are complete, I still feel ok about it.

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    • Thank you! I’m learning to set a couple of “must do” tasks for the day and move the rest over if they don’t get completed. It’s hard some days because hubby is self employed and certain things must be done regardless of how I feel. The more I talk with others with chronic illnesses the more I realize that I am not lazy and organized. I have a mind that is ready to tackle anything but my body is not overall thrilled with my brain’s enthusiasm. 😁

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