history’s loop — survivor road

for all the right reasons he reached out for all the wrong reasons i lashed out with the best of intentions he tried to understand with the worst of intentions i refused to listen with heartfelt compassion he waited with anger and fury i ignored with careful consideration he thought things through with malicious subconscious […]

via history’s loop — survivor road



  1. Marcus what do you think of the photo added to your post? You are sharing more and more often, a great thing for your forward movement. I want others to benefit, the photos do help grab attention. If mine don’t have a photo little traffic good topic. If you just hit the like button I will continue to find art. If you don’t like…you know how to reach me. You’re doing good.
    Hugs, lots of hugs.


      • I don’t know why comment didn’t show in notifications? I better ck comments section more often. You made my day saying you read my post. I know many don’t relate but when you read it’s a treat to me.
        I need help finding one or two guys who are looking to share their experience, whatever stage their in. I’ve been committed to mens trauma, it’s a differ recruiting method and think a ref or at least a nod to has a good post. I can then follow them to see if good fit.
        You know how committed I am but it doesn’t show in my actions. Owning It is a great guy, glad I had the nerve to ask, never thought he’d say yes.
        Chatty, no sleep for three nights.
        Health Hell

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