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Related to: Put on Your Armor, Part 1 and Part 2 Several times, now, I’ve “diagnosed” our children in the face of therapists who disagree…only to have a psychological evaluation support my assertion six months (or more) later. This is not because I’m more intelligent or have higher qualifications. I don’t point this out to […]

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    • You probably already do this, but thought I’d mention, especially in case someone new is looking for answers: I read a LOT of books/articles in search of answers, and Google different combinations of symptoms. (This can also sometimes NOT be helpful; for a while I was convinced mine had a brain tumor…) Often, though, it gives me the ability to ask educated questions when talking with a counselor.


      • Neuropsych was super helpful for education-related (it may be different depending on the psych, but the one we used mostly focused on ed). Specific rule-out testing and personality eval gave us a lot more info and brought an additional new (and, in my opinion, correct) diagnosis. If that’s available to you, I highly recommend it.


      • same here with the CBT; the therapist at the facility started EMDR but kid was not participating well; we’re trying to move him to a different facility so therapist didn’t push him since he wouldn’t have him long term. New facility is more focused on behavior modification. Hoping that will work. I used to be anti-meds but after seeing benefits I’m all for it if it’s helping.

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      • Is your child living at a facility, or just getting treatment there? Our school tries to help- I have been a special education teacher here for 18 years, but I don’t work at my child’s school. It has been hard to get teachers to follow a well written behavior intervention plan.

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      • Living there. It’s been the only way to keep him and others safe.
        Yes, it’s crazy. We’re trying to HELP, for heaven’s sake. “I promise, if you spend a few extra minutes up front, it will save you HOURS of frustration.” (But…nope.)

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