The anxiety and sadness surrounding my space on the planet is a bit overwhelming these days.  My dad continues to battle the congestive heart failure, which is having its final round with his body. His kidneys are now failing, and his body is not able to fight as hard.  He has been in the hospital more than at home for the past two months.

As timing is everything, I am preparing for the last round of court, which is to occur next week.  It looks like it may be settled without a trial, which would be a blessing.  I will write more of this adventure after the litigation has come to a close. The AoA kids will be protected, and it looks like they will not have to endure visits with the dad until they are emotionally ready.  Even then, visits will be supervised for a long, long time.  Be sure….there are no winners in divorce and child custody battles.  The goal is to protect and support the kids….they pay a steep price for the actions of their parents…a debt that is not even theirs to pay!  In cases with a high conflict parent, the effects are much worse.

Even in these stressful times, we must find moments of happiness…

Little AoA keeps our family celebrations going!  This was my birthday month, and she had a blast!  July is big Sister AoA’s birthday and aunt AoA’s as well.  We get ready to go back to school very soon, which means a lot of planning and shopping for school supplies.  In typical AoA fashion, Little AoA has gathered her gently used backpacks, and will fill them with supplies to donate to our local domestic violence center.

It is time to set a new course…make new goals….carve out purpose…


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  1. You’ve always has a purpose, a mother who loves her children. Your no winners is true, my brother and I never won from all the fighting, name calling, mulipulating and lies. I can’t tell you how deeply happy I am you and the kids can form a new life. The kids will have a chance to knock the wall down chip by chip. You know better than anyone it takes a long time, I’m proof it can happen.

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