Love to Hate V

Love to Hate V
Two chapters should heat up your weekend.

Return of Dragons

Beware the women of the warrior class, for all they touch is both decorative and deadly.” ― Tamora Pierce, Squire

Domi-5aIn this excerpt, Gloria and Raul are now embarking on their mission. With renewed hope, Gloria now plans on completing her assignment as soon as possible so she can disappear with Raul and live out her life in her captain’s arms.  It is not possible to kill mercilessly in combat without hate and it is not possible to continue the carnage without hope of love when the killing is done.

The black strip of beach and dark treeline behind it was like staring into the void of another dimension.  Gloria rested her chest on the top of the inflatable raft and struggled to stay in the craft as it skimmed across the crest of the waves.  She tightened her grip on her weapon and spread her knees wide to lock them into…

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