This has been a year of hurdles for my family.  There have been both small and large hurdles.  Little AoA has emerged from her shell, and has started blossoming in Girl Scouts.  She even performed in a talent show!

Branching out to try new things has been major for Brother!  He is often in the introverted world of sameness.

We attended my nephew’s graduation in May.  It was a new experience for the AoA kids!  Sadly, when their older brother graduated, it was “dad’s time”, and they weren’t allowed to attend.


AoA Grandpa (my dad), has faced numerous, life threatening health emergencies in the last month.  He had a major heart attack on May 13th- actually died for a couple of minutes.  It has been a battle since then, and he is now hospitalized with acute kidney failure and dehydration.

Court battle

(AoA kids plus big sister and neice)

One more court battle looms on the horizon.  In July, we go to court to review parenting evaluations, and establish a parenting plan, after being under ex parte orders and agreements since November of 2016.  

Hang in there

We all face hurdles….

Regardless of their size, they all require that extra bit of effort to deal with.

Celebrate the victories!



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