Life Keeps Moving

Stop and breathe….. life throws curve balls every now and then.  We learn to deal with them…physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The latest curve ball in my family, happened on May 13th….Mother”s Day.  My dad had a major heart attack.  He was shocked back to life after about a minute on the “other side”.  He is now recovering at a local rehabilitation facility, which makes visiting him much easier than when he was in the veterans hospital nearly two hours away.  We hope to have him home within the next 15 days.

To be honest, I wanted my world to stop.  I wanted to just stay at home and worry.  If I stop moving though, the worry will take over.  So I keep moving…distracting my mind. 

The family pulled together to keep the kids on their schedules during this worrisome time.  I see that, like me, if they stop and think about it for too long, they are overwhelmed with emotions.  They need me to see them through this, and teach them to process tough situations.

We keep moving……



  1. I hope you have good news for me????? I pray that part of your and the kids life is over. It’s so hard to see a parent suffer with little you can do. All I’ve heard is depression is common in heart attack victims.
    So glad to see your post. Keeping the kids normal schedule will keep all the hard work you’ve done on track. E/M if you have news.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

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