She’s a Girlfriend of a Boyfriend of Mine

Art by Rob Goldstein

Hi folks!

I’ve had a busy week.

Two old friends from the 70’s and 80’s, men I thought had died,
came back into my life this week.

I have not seen either of them in over 20 years.

One of is a successful artist in Vancouver and the other
teaches writing here in San Francisco.

I’m also helping another friend prepare for a surgery, which means
going with her to pre-op appointments and caregiver classes, and
helping her to find a qualified person to aid her after the surgery.

My friend’s surgery is next Friday and my old friend who lives in
Vancouver arrives in San Francisco a few days later.

I did make time this week to work on the illustrations and a video
for Chapter 8 of Hullaba Lulu on Teagan’s Books.

I had fun making the video. I hope you like it too.


I used…

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    • You’d be bored with watching it in VR. I animate the avatars and when I see a pose I like I click an attachment, which stops the animation. For anyone watching it looks like the avatar is repeating an animation; they can’t see that it’s paused.

      However if you did want to see the studio which is full of cool sets I’d be glad to have one of me give you a tour. Let me know when you want to do it and what your username is. 🙂

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