The Me I Am

Owning It

Off a dirt road behind the city I walked into a vast warehouse. Dark and quite. It’s sole gritty industry is pushing human performance. The athletes who train here squeeze their bodies through barriers most can’t even imagine. The only creature comfort are huge fans slamming the superheated Texan air around.

Did I belong in such a place? At some point that once ever present question has faded. I wasn’t frozen by the obvious disparity between me and them. Was there even much of a difference?

I wasn’t much of an outlier, especially here. It’s a place where journeys are understood and ambitions are respected. Come here with a jumble of goals and they’ll become disentangled and aligned into stairs, steps to the next.

Being shirtless and comfortable with others passing by I see how far I have come. Confidence is a byproduct of security. As I’ve come to…

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