Medical Cost as Crazy as Trump

Looking For The Light

I fell last week on a heavy glass table and gashed my head. David thought stitches were needed so off we went. I received six staples and out the door in less than three hours. The bill came yesterday, $12,000, I had more than a heart attack. We went to General Doctor to have a RN remove the staples. Five minutes of effort cost $88.00. Are these people on crack?

There are many hard-working people with kids and we know they get sick, how can someone manage? I know insurance will come back and say NO it’s not $12,000 it’s $2,000. The games insurance and the approved providers play. If you go out of network you are in for a shock.

If possible always check your insurance website to see that your doctor, hospital or Doc in a Box is covered in network.  M

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