Exercise and Parkinson’s Disease


move-it-or-lose-itIt is important for everyone to find some type of exercise regimen they enjoy doing and will stay with it because it does provide many health benefits. An exercise plan that is tolerable for those with Parkinson’s can actually help manage their symptoms. A good exercise plan really should include flexibility (stretching) exercises, aerobic activity, resistance training and strengthening exercises.

resistance-band-exercisesThe types of exercise a person can handle solely depends on the symptoms and challenges that person may experience. For a sedentary individual, simply getting up and moving around can be extremely beneficial. The more active a person is can allow them build up to regular vibrant activities by building up slowly and consistently. Various approaches work well to help maintain and improve mobility, flexibility, balance and ease non-motor Parkinson’s symptoms such as depression or constipation.

Honestly, Parkinson’s can be quite scary as progression of this disease can lead up…

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