My Fitness Mission Statement

I found it valuable to lay out what guides me.

Owning It

I will fight to grow my body, mind and heart.
I will build a physique that celebrates health, fitness and wellbeing.
I will affirm my manhood, my right to it and inclusion in it.
I will value my perspective no matter how unique or common.
I will treat myself and others with kindness, compassion and understanding.

I will strive to live authentically and openly inline with my aspirations. The purest being my desire to build a body that reflects my vast inner strength. I will not longer hide. I will manifest a body that expresses the density of my singularity. I will stand true to my entire being, honor who I’ve been and discovery all that I am capable of. Along the way I hope to be an inspiration. I will encourage others to keep fighting for better, light and peace.

I follow the Precision Nutrition lessons through my coach

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