The Others

Working through, the obvious become blatant and unavoidable.

Owning It

There is another sentence that is now honest and complete: The man who took me to NYC did so for one purpose, to sell me for sex.

He didn’t take me there so I could find a boyfriend and have a love. In my hormone soaked brain, only a sweet boy could mend my wounds and stop the bleeding. My desperation was normal teenage angst jacked on the damage of abuse. He had the fix to fill that gaping hole, NYC.

I went willingly. He baited me with Billy, who never turned up. He showed me cruising areas where I could have a new boyfriend every hour. He even fed me, 3 times in 4 days. Of course I was grateful, it all seemed like an opportunity. I couldn’t see how he was purposefully weaking me.

When he collected me from the rape, he also collected payment. While he stretched…

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  1. Frazzled, hectic and desperate. A story of mean people on mean streets. There is a lot of work behind getting to sharing this. A lot! Your candor and necessary depth, to see that in it’s brutality brings one to the inevitable survival mode needed to understand it. Have you read Pete Walker?

    This evokes a strong reaction. In me, there’s a stubborn facing it, to hear the story and feel it, which is very uncomfortable; and that’s what it should be.

    An amazing post.

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    • Rick,
      Thank you for seeing the journey this has been. I haven’t worked this intensely for awhile. I naively thought I was ready to start writing about this period. I had processed it so many times, I felt I could be more objective. But as I peel it back, more comes up…and I am ready to deal it.

      No I haven’t read him.

      Thank you,

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