Where is Spring?


where-is-springOn March 20th, we should have been graced with spring weather, but it seems Mother Nature had a difference of opinion! The first day of spring was rather warm, but then the days that followed were very chilly and some even had snow! Spring time snow just does not seem right to me, but I guess we will never understand how nature works. Spring is “supposed” to bring on the blooming of the trees and blossoming of the flowers adding so much beauty to the world! New life is given to nature and new beginnings are created all around us. The amazing and various colors of flowers give an incredibly artistic sight for us to see. Even the trees, which most think are just green, have a variety of different greens brightening up our surroundings! Of course the days delay the darkness of night by having a few…

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  1. You have such a beautiful attitude…I totally agree with you about pain medication. I have had to use pain meds at different times, and watched others in my life deal with pain. I have not been “addicted” to pain meds, but as I came off of them after a recent surgery, I gained more complete understanding of how difficult it is to live in the world of pain management. Thank you for sharing your story❤️

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    • I really appreciate your comment! I can honestly say that I am not addicted to the pain meds, I do not even take the full amount ever! It is just really sad how much things are changing and really not fair to those that live with chronic pain. I have days where I can hardly leave the house because my pain is so high, so my work will be compromised. I do my best to always push forward and not just give into the struggles. I think a positive mind really does help. Thank you again for your very kind comment, I do appreciate your kind words!!!

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