Keep Moving Forward

This is my classroom door at one of the six schools I serve in my county. A colleague noticed that one of my students had written this and posted it in our classroom….she made the quote into a cool poster!  I had no idea she was doing it, and was surprised to see it on my door!

My focus these days is on the kids I work with, and my own family of course.  Everyday, I strive to not just “do my job”, but to love and support each person whom I come into contact with; from children, to parents, to co-workers.  Everyone is dealing with something.  

My 11 year old son has just come through four months of Complex PTSD hell.  In the midst of that journey, I wondered if he would ever come out of the panic and frequent episodes of dissociation.  As with every aspect of life since leaving the abusive relationship I had with the dad, an Army of Angels was there to support….teachers, administrators, counselors, and yes, even attorneys! Of course, Grandma AoA is the biggest supporter…she came very close to being worn out from the emotional exhaustion, as did I.

When life brings on a flood, just keep paddling and wait patiently for it to recede.  We experienced actual flooding in our town this month, and really, Waiting was all we could do.  

These are pictures I took of our March flood…this is the playground of one of my schools.



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