Lyme Progress #3 *What Lyme Left Behind ?*

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Looking For The Light

Chronic Lyme can leave behind other chronic illnesses, many little things, my body is still evolving. I had IV Infusion Treatment, high levels of antibiotics which destroyed, my skin’s protective barrier. My outside limit is 5-10 minutes then its second degree burns. Who needs to use the pool? My doctor said my skin will always be an issue. Great! I’m a Cancer Water Baby, vacation anywhere there’s good clean water.

A big surprise came when freckles popped up everywhere. Not little freckles, masses of darker ones. My arms have the “vacation look”. Yesterday I found several big black freckles on my back. What now!

I  have “scaling” on the arms, skin looks snake-like.  At 54 Lyme has given me more than I ever asked for. Mother Nature continues to her natural growth. I have tags, mini warts that grow mostly on the chest area.

Chronic Lyme affects everyone different and very…

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