It Takes Time

I think I have an interesting appreciation for Time.  Through the long, drawn out court proceedings I have been part of since summer of 2016, I have developed patience I didn’t know I had.  EVERYTHING takes TIME!  

Recently, my journey has taken me into the world of mental illness treatment.  Brother, who is 11, took a turn for the worst this past October.  He had a good system of support in place, but he still fell.  His needs grew too intense for the team.  I was sent elsewhere to seek more.  

Everything takes time….

Visits……with the dad were suspended until Brother is more stable.

Medication…..had a negative effect and sent Brother to the hospital.

Changing Schools….Brother was sent to a program for emotionally fragile students when he became to scared to enter his school.

Changing medication….. it takes time to see if it will be effective.

Waiting lists….two months to see a psychiatrist….two months to see a specializing therapist.

Impatience….the dad doesn’t see why Brother is not “fixed” yet.

Frustration….Everything takes TIME.

Waiting….what to do while waiting.

Introvert….I have watched Brother sink deeper and deeper into an introverted world…becoming irritated when anyone attempts to pull him into a social situation.

Distract….Little AoA is kept distracted from Brother through engagement and support in her own interests.

Workload….I have thrown myself into my work, and into keeping Little AoA busy and social.

Failure….I question my own actions with Brother….did I do something wrong? Did I miss something? Did I fail to protect him soon enough from the mental and emotional abuse that now haunts him? What could I have done differently?

Wonder….Am I doing everything possible to support and move in a positive direction?





  1. That last sentence is evidence my dementia is raging. What I meant to say was a Psych is there to look at symptoms and make a quick decision on what medicine might work best. Brother is not alone to going thru several meds until something takes hold. I’ve tried some new drugs and they have made a difference good!!!!! Bad very sleepy is no-one here to wake me. The greatest thing about the newest drugs you will know in less than a month if they work. I had to try two, the second is doing well.

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  2. You have the strength to push thru your children needs. Don’t doubt yourself, you are ahead of the curve with a team for extra eyes. He needs treatment for possible mental illness. On the positive when the BS ends and the courts call BS on another lawyer, I believe the kids will improve over time. Brother may be to far inside himself that he needs specialized. It doesn’t automatically mean he has a mental illness. The kids have been emotionally abused for years, lied to for as long, he has broke the kids down, it looks like brother was the biggest pawn and now he’s feeling it. Can you get him into a Therapist why you wait for Psych doctor. Two months is a long time in the state he’s in. A therapist may be a key doctor in your surport team. Therapist do the real work in pulling him out of himself. Psych don’t do any counseling, old talk about systems and what medicine.
    Much love

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  3. AOA
    Your have done more for children in addressing their needs. The main issue I see is the reason your still in court after all this time. Fortunately they may not blame him when their older but they know what’s happed to the and lucky the courts finally get it. Now if he would quit chasing layers, the court put foot down over the delay. You did exactly the right steps, the beauty of a team. More eyes, very focus attention and strong communication.
    You are stronger than you know.
    Hugs M

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