Forgiveness: A Key to Happiness

Mental Health Guru

Every day we are forced to make choices, from what to eat, to what time to leave our house. choices.jpeg

One of the hardest things to do for many people is forgive those who have wronged them in someway. Regardless if it was a little spat or something more serious, not forgiving someone can cause you more stress than the actual problem.

By forcing yourself to be mad and upset with this person, you are using energy in your everyday life that could be used doing something more positive, like laughing more.


I know there are things that cannot be forgotten. However, I do think that if people forgave others more, then people  as a whole  would be happier. No, I am not suggesting letting these people whom you have probably cut out of your life back in, nor am I suggesting you become best friends with this person again.


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