Survivors Blog Here Welcomes Heidi Sullivan from Braving Mental Illness

We Welcome Heidi to the team. Have a great weekend. M

Looking For The Light

Survivors Blog Here is thrilled to announce Heidi Sullivan is our newest Contributor. Heidi is inspirational and committed to helping people with Mental Health challenges. Please stop by to meet Heidi and check out her personal site

I took the below information from Heidi’s ”About Me”page. She is so committed to share, help and answer questions. She is committed and I want you to see how she describes herself.

My life purpose is to inspire hope, courage, and strength within others one life at a time. The realization that my mind had taken over more than my body, but my spirit, was the day I took back my life. It’s one thing to experience pain and suffering on a surface level, it’s an entirely different experience when you look in the mirror and your spirit is lifeless. That’s when you’ve had enough. My life purpose is to inspire hope, courage…

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    • We are all glad your on the team and we have each others back. I’ve been around the longest, since 2005, so if you have question I maybe be able to help or direct up to the right contact.
      Are you going to write an “About Me” type post to introduce yourself? I think it helps people get to know you faster and followers can jump on board quicker. Just a thought.
      Have a great day. 🙂

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      • Thanks again!! The support is great! I will definitely reach out to you. Oh yes, I will send out an “About Me” post. That’s a great idea and thanks for the reminder!

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