The Power of a Safe Space

A wonderful post about the importance of mental, emotional, and physical “safety zones”. It’s okay to seek refuge when needed and appropriately utilized.

Secrets From the Other Chair

In an attempt to share a personal reflection of my life, I would like to share of an incident which took place last night. While I was in bed with my husband, we both lay sleeping. I woke from a rather horrifying dream and felt a sense of panic wash over me as I woke. It was one of those dreams that seem so real and vivid, when you wake you are unsure if you are truly awake or still living in the dream you are attempting to wake from. Fortunately for myself, I was awake and in need of a moment of security and reassurance I was alright. It was at this moment, my husband rolled over and placed his arms around me without evening opening an eye.

I found this to be so effortlessly reassuring, I smiled and fell back asleep. This morning, as I reflected on the…

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