truth is out of style…

I come from a family that has a very long history of not telling the truth…

…and I fell into the same habit for many years….

I would lie when there was no reason to, I just couldn’t help myself !


After the breakdown in 1999 things changed dramatically, and I was no longer interested in lies.

But my family continue to tell lies, in whatever form that is.

It’s like a rule that is set in concrete.

Many many years of domestic violence has also not helped the dishonest behaviours.

My mother put up with domestic violence right up till my father died.

He didn’t hit her, but he (very much) emotionally abused her and also mentally too.

Was very interesting to hear from my Aunt that my mother took after her father. (This was in relation to my mother’s self centered behavior).

Quite a powerful revealing thing.

Anyway, I’m not sure I can ever have anything do do with my family, because of the blatant lying. It’s just NOT who I am.

I just cannot live that way.



  1. Sometimes you have to remove toxic people from your life, whether they’re family or otherwise. Your overall health is more important πŸ˜€

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