(Nearly) Dead Malls

Our local shopping mall, like so many others, has its active life behind it.  Still, two stores remain….JC Penney and Bath &Body Works.

Just to our north, there is a beautiful and vibrant mall and loads of popular shopping destinations.  We could go there…and from time to time, we do.  

Our local mall houses, in addition to two stores; a family restaurant, and a cancer treatment center.  Despite its emptiness and rough and worn appearance…it has purpose.

Life sometimes resembles the empty mall…with its pockets of emptiness where fullness once existed.  People come and go…friends move on…children grow…weariness sets in.  Life is hard.  Like the empty mall, we can find purpose!  Perhaps more lives are changed and preserved by the cancer center in the nearly empty mall, than ever was when the mall was full of people!


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