Lyme Update #20: *Moving Forward*

Have a wonderful and safe weekend. M

Looking For The Light

I fired my Lyme Literate Doctor

The last straw!

My Lyme PA prescribed a medication which interacted with a psych medication. Making me Psychotic, pure bat crazy. Scared of myself. Walking in circles non-stop until exhausted. It took days for the medication to clear my system and bring me back to earth. It was life changing. I said horrible things to my husband I can’t back.  All said in rage, I was a Monster.

The PA replied by saying the two drugs are in different categories and would not interact that way. I don’t believe my chart what checked against new prescription for interactions. Who knows. I didn’t do my standard process of checking the FDA site. My normal practice is to read the FDA history and related interactions before starting a medication.

Next Update will discuss how I’m building a local Lyme team, the illnesses, ailments, permanent changes I…

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