Something to Inspire

Cooking has never been my thing.  I am not excited about spending hours in the kitchen baking something that no one eats (which is my experience over my entire adult life).

I do pull myself into the kitchen for Thanksgiving and Easter, to organize a perfectly timed meal operation.  It reminds me that I can still do it.

Since October, I have become a fan of holiday baking championships.  There is just something about the competition, the pressure of time, and potential failure.  Nobody likes to fail to meet expectations, yet these bakers face that possibility everytime they take on a challenge.

Life is much like the baking championship for me.  There is an expectation that everything will go as planned….with alternate plans (just in case).  Sometimes those alternate plans just don’t work out so well, and the “judges” let me know that their expectations were not met.  What I do next, takes strength…keep going!  The bakers, when eliminated from the competition, return to their homes, better for having participated.  They have gained an experience that will shape their views of themselves.

I pray that my life experiences, though stressful at times, will make a positive impact in my life and in the lives of others.


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