A Sense of “Normal”

Conflict has been on the rise in the world of AoA lately.  The domestic violence witnessed by 11 year old Brother has taken a toll on his mental health.  Self- harm has entered the picture, along with school refusal.  

Amidst dealing with the emotionally exhausting effects of trauma, I seek moments of “normalcy”.  Staying involved with groups and activities helps.  There may be two hours of feeling like the trauma doesn’t exist…

I haven’t been writing much lately, as there is still ongoing litigation that has been in motion since August of 2016.  The end is nearing, but since the dad fired his 7th or 8th attorney now, scheduling the final trial has stalled. 

Fighting for the abuse toward the AoA kids to end, has been a life consuming battle.  Just when the light comes at the end of the tunnel, another tunnel appears….


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  1. You are the strongest woman I know, you love your children so deeply you’ve made tremendous sacrifices for their livelihood. Kid/teens are smart and know right from wrong, sad to sad dad doesn’t have much luck at winning their little hearts back. When the load drags you to the ground, you thank God for your live and the birth of your kids. God has a plan, shitty part right now but still a much bigger plan, you believe that. You know if your heart God is watching and holding you and the kids in his hands, we are not to know the place to learning. You will know, you’ll know when the small miracle entered your life.
    God prepares us for our next challenge, large or small, we have to remember the sacrifices God made by sending his only son to die for our sins. God will heal the pain in time. Keep believing, praying for strength in this long tough battle. God is all knowing, we don’t know what he has in mind, it could blow your mind beyond belief.
    I love you.

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