Saudi Arabia Lifts Ban on Women Driving

Looking For The Light

Posted on by Universal Life Church Monastery

In a surprise decision earlier this week, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia announced that he will lift the country’s infamous ban on female drivers. Beginning in 2018, women in Saudi Arabia will finally be able to apply for driver’s licenses and legally get behind the wheel.

The controversial driving ban – the only of its kind in the world – has faced criticism from a younger generation of Saudi Muslims who are resistant to the ultraconservative Wahhabi interpretation of Islam that controls nearly everything in the country.

The long-awaited change comes after years of protests dating back to the 1990s, during which countless women were charged steep fines, thrown in jail, or given the “official sentence” of 10 lashes – all for the high crime of driving a car.

Women React

For Saudi women, the news was almost surreal. Under the oppressive…

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