Church of England Embraces Transgender Members

Looking For The Light

Posted on July, 2017 by Universal Life Church Monastery

The Church of England has voted to welcome transgender individuals into the church with open arms. By an overwhelming margin, the church’s governing body (known as the General Synod) chose to support transgender inclusion. It was a historic decision for a religious institution that for centuries clung closely to tradition and conservative tenets of the faith.

The timing of the vote was fitting, too – The General Synod vote happened to occur just as Gay Pride festivities were taking place across England.

Marking the Transition

The motion passed by church leaders provides for transgender “inclusion,” but what does that really mean?

Well, as it turns out, a lot. Their plan is to create specific church services to mark a transgender person’s “transition” from one gender to the other – thus welcoming their new identity into the church community. Just as births…

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