…Just can’t tell

I saw this making its way across social media today, and it reminded me of a weird story from a time when I was just beginning my chapter of “animal gathering”.

I was much younger…maybe late 20’s.  My kids (the older AoA kids), started their animal lives with gerbils.  Those little critters would get out of the cages every now and then.  We became “experts” at cornering them!

One day, my son, who was about 5 years old at the time, called me to look at the gerbils in his room.  He was so proud when he shared about how a gerbil had escaped, and he caught it himself!  When I looked in the cage……

It was a mouse!!!!!

Not a gerbil!



  1. My goodness, how do people not realize what they caught. She’s lucky the coyote did’m attack her, he was starving is what saved her. My neighbors would let ducks nest in the backyard. Their fence had lots of holes and it seemed I chased ducks around for years. The even the then hang out on floating chairs. One years they were on vacation, we gathered all the babies and momma and had them follow several blocks to the park. All the neighbors were watching, it was hilarious. They got the message, no more duck raising.

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