The Respect Award From Friend Robert Goldstein

Thank you Robert!

Looking For The Light

The Respect Award comes to me from Robert at Art by Rob Goldstein.  Thank you so much, Robert.  My Blog is Award Free, I accept for the reason of no commitment. This is the second year to receive the award, I’m very grateful. If you’re not already following his blog, please pay him a visit —your world will never be the same.

respect award round twoWhat is the Respect Award?

The Respect Award is given by Rob once a year to acknowledge and show respect to fellow bloggers who, in his words, make him a better blogger and make him feel human.  They also:

  • are compassionate, witty, interesting, rebellious, imaginative, patient, open-minded, and creative.
  • are generous with their words and support; they walk their talk.
  • raise spirits and make people smile.

 What are the rules for The Respect Award?

Nominees don’t have to do a thing. Nothing.

I plan the do nothing route. Thanks again Robert.

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