Mayo in the Cupboard

This chapter of life finds me living in a multi-generational home.  The AoA kids are (almost)9 and 11, while the AoA grandparents are both 74 years old.  I am somewhere in between.  Life can be interesting with this family age spread, and last week, I was reminded of just that.

I was up early on a school morning, mindlessly going through the motions of making lunches for the kids: turkey and mayo for Little AoA…peanut butter for brother.  I couldn’t find the mayo….Our refrigerator tends to get very cluttered, and food can disappear in there!  I pretty much emptied the whole refrigerator, looking for the mayo.  My mindless task was taking more effort than usual.  I then turned to the garbage cans, thinking that maybe the jar had fallen and broke.  No, it wasn’t in a garbage can.  Maybe someone broke the jar, and just took it straight to an outside garbage can…that had to be it.

I went on with my task.  Then, to my surprise, when I opened the cupboard to get the peanut butter, there stood the mayo!

Someone had been up in the night, making a sandwich.  Maybe “sleep eating”…who knows.  After the process of elimination, it became evident that Papa AoA was the midnight sandwich maker.

Life is full of surprises…like mayo in the cupboard!



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