Texas Becomes First in Nation to Implement Comprehensive Rape Kit Reform

Have a great day. I’m proud Texas, my home state is the first to sign reform. I want to see action from the words. M

Looking For The Light

“Hope. Courage. Freedom. Fearlessness. All things are possible with an open heart—and a joyful heart.”

— Mariska Hargitay, Founder & President

NEW YORK – The Joyful Heart Foundation today announced that Texas has become the first state in the nation to implement comprehensive rape kit reform. With the passage of H.B. 281, which requires the Department of Public Safety to establish a comprehensive statewide tracking system to monitor rape kits from collection to analysis, Texas has now enacted all six pillars of reform recommended by Joyful Heart and leaders in this field.

“Joyful Heart is proud to stand with State Representative Donna Howard, former State Senator Wendy Davis, and our tireless advocacy partners, including the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, who have fought for years for comprehensive rape kit reform,” said Ilse Knecht, Joyful Heart’s Director of Policy and Advocacy. “With this passage, Texas has demonstrated its commitment to bringing…

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