Not Every Day

Many people walk through life with the expectation of living the Golden Rule, and expecting that others do the same.  Unfortunately, there are also people out there who will not pass up a chance to negate the Golden Rule.  

Abuse comes in many forms…

At the center of abuse, is the need for power and control over other people.  Abusers will use any means to fulfill that desire, even at the expense of those who love them.  Breaking the cycle of abuse starts with recognizing the abuse.  It may not be an abuse that happens daily, but when it does happen, the effects are imprinted in the mind of the victim, and changes who he or she is.

Since abuse doesn’t occur around the clock, one of the  best ways to begin to see it, is to document it.  Keep a journal (especially if you like to write), or at least a calendar where you can write a short phrase to describe the incident.  Over time, a big picture will emerge.  Abuse comes and goes in cycles…

As it becomes clear, you will have decisions to make…do you stay in the cycle, or break the cycle?  What about your  children?  Do you raise them to feel that the cycle of violence is “normal”, or teach them to recognize it as unhealthy?

There is help…

The hotline is a good place to start.  

Breaking the cycle of violence is not an easy journey, but it is worth the peace that follows.  



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