Math Magic!

Good morning summer math!  My eleven year old shared this video with me, along with the “reveal” about how it was done.  The “reveal” was actually written in the comments of the video, and there are other videos revealing magic secrets available to us all.

Brother and I tried it…it really works.

**** you need to do a little “pre-entering” on your phone calculator before handing it to your volunteer…don’t let them see you setting this up!

type in your “final number” (8 digit number), then x 1 + 0 x

Now hand the phone to your volunteer.  Ask them to pick four random numbers and multiply them.  After the fourth number is entered, hit =.

The original number will appear…and you look magicalπŸ˜‰

I told Brother he could do this trick for his friends, and be really cool.😎

He thought for a moment and said,”My friends in REACH would do the math!” (REACH is the gifted class- where he has the most friends).  

What a life lesson!  As a teacher of Gifted, it is so important to me to try to help my students be in tune with their differences, and accept them rather than try to do less than what the can, in order to fit in.  We talked about how most people, including the judges and audience on the show, just accept the magic. Brother says,”They don’t have time to do the math.  My friends have time to do the math.”

Hooray for critical thinking!


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