I Almost Had To Laugh

I had my six week post operative appointment today for my partial knee replacement.  From a surgical perspective, I couldn’t  be doing better.  I can now stop going to physical therapy, and just do the exercises at home.  I can resume normal, everyday living activities as much as I can.  I asked if there were any limitations with my new knee.  Here is where I almost laughed….I shouldn’t RUN as an exercise!  

The last time I was a runner, I was about 14 years old.  Oh, I remember running…

I shared my new limitations with my 29 year old daughter.  Again…almost laughed when she said,”Mom…remember when we did that 5 mile run a few years ago?  You weren’t doing any running.”

I asked the doctor about walking (I have to do SOME moving…I can’t sit still for too long).  He said walking was ok, but that an elliptical would be better than walking on pavement.  Lucky for me, I had one of these stored in my shed:

I had it moved to our carport and set up to remind me to use it.  The carport is now an exercise room.  I tried to have it inside the house, but there is just no room.  Maybe it will feel like being on a real walk, since it is outside.  I can sweat or freeze, just like on a real walk.

I do admire and respect runners a lot!  If I had life to do over again, maybe I would have kept running.


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  1. Love it, know what I can set goals for. Hubby just bought an elliptical trainer. I didn’t think my feet would ever touch, time to start with attitude adjustment.
    So glad you received the green light. Tomorrow the music is sweet 60’s & 70″s. I have my DJ head phones on and it’s time to jam. You need to send some suggestions my way.

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