Zika Virus in the Americas-Another Arbovvirus Threat

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Zika Virus in the Americas — Yet Another Arbovirus Threat
Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., and David M. Morens, M.D.
N Engl J Med 2016; 374:601-604February 18, 2016DOI: 10.1056/NEJMp1600297

The explosive pandemic of Zika virus infection occurring throughout South America, Central America, and the Caribbean (see map
Countries with Past or Current Evidence of Zika Virus Transmission (as of December 2015).and potentially threatening the United States is the most recent of four unexpected arrivals of important arthropod-borne viral diseases in the Western Hemisphere over the past 20 years.

It follows dengue, which entered this hemisphere stealthily over decades and then more aggressively in the 1990s; West Nile virus, which emerged in 1999; and chikungunya, which emerged in 2013. Are the successive migrations of these viruses unrelated, or do they reflect important new patterns of disease emergence? Furthermore, are their secondary health consequences of this arbovirus pandemic that set it apart…

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