Survivors Blog Here

This is on my site. Fellow contributors: I did a poor job on some of your descriptions, mostly because I don’t know you well enough yet. If you want me to update your description, just hop over and leave the sentence you want in the comments section. 🙂

Hey, just a quick note; I’m pretty excited about this. I’ve been invited to join the team at

Survivors Blog Here

Take a moment to check it out. You’ll be glad you did!

Other Survivor blogs include (links to individual blogs are below):

  • 4 Times and Counting — Sharon Greene, breast cancer survivor (four times, in case you didn’t catch the title). She’s pretty amazing.
  • Art by Rob Goldstein — Rob Goldstein blogs about Dissociative Identity Disorder, mental health and shares his heart and art.
  • Carissa’s World — Carissa Provenzano writes about healing and life.
  • Doted On — Domestic abuse and suicide prevention.
  • From the Darkness into the Sunshine — Lisa brings us along on her journey from the darkness of childhood sexual abuse to the sunshine of working toward healing.
  • The Starting End — Heather Rheingold’s poetry about love, life and new beginnings after losing her spouse.
  • Hyperion Sturm —…

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