When Shame Becomes Pride

Art by Rob Goldstein

The Little Boy Who Doesn't know He can See                                              The Little Boy Who Doesn’t know He can See

A new acquaintance of mine on Facebook said that she thought that Sara was expressing something close to paranoid Schizophrenia.

I understood why she thought that.

Dissociative Identity Disorder can look like a psychosis to people who don’t understand it or who think that we are all like Sybil or Norman Bates.

So this piece of writing is for people who don’t have the information they need to understand why DID is not Schizophrenia, or why Sara’s response was a healthy one.

Yes, I hear their voices.

But their voices are not hallucinations.

People with Dissociative Identity disorder have auditory and visual hallucinations that are not psychotic, the symptoms imitate psychotic symptoms. Dissociative Symptoms

Each alternate has a sense of…

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