Thursday. Feeling a tiny bit better but my throat still hurts. It’s cold today 14ºC/55ºF. This is the kind of summer that instead of charge you with energy, it takes it from you. It didn’t give me the time to complain about how hot it was… It was SO short that I didn’t even sweat. I didn’t have to stay up all night because my skin bothered me. NO… nothing of that. I didn’t get anything of what I usually hate with all my heart. And get this, I MISS IT! I miss the feeling of the summer. And I hope the weather forecast is wrong and it’ll be warmer than 22ºC/72ºF because apparently, I need it. I need to feel the change of seasons. This eternal autumn/winter is affecting me… and not in a good way.
Shocking… as it was shocking for me to discover that the German post…

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